Hey Guys,
This is not really a post, but rather a tip or a place to look into if you get a bit lost. In http://decaptchablog.com/decaptcha-101 I wrote about the need of filling up forms and grabbing captchas using an automated script. I also told you that you should probably hire a programmer if you have no programming skills. But what I failed to tell you back then was that there are some software that ease up your captcha solving needs for you.

The software I’m talking about specifically are:

http://ubotstudio.com/faq.aspx and http://zennolab.com/en/products/zennoposter/

These software have a somewhat lean learning curve, but provide “graphical programming” interfaces that can help you make your own automated scripts with just drag-and-drop actions. Once you get a grip on them (after viewing a few learning videos) you can automate practically anything.
I recommend that you check out their features and select which one would work best for you.

That is all for today, best regards!