This time we are focusing on the new developments by captcha providers, the biggest one being the future implementation of Recatpcha V3 (the so called, Captcha Killer).

As you know since the initial implementation of Captchas, this has always been a race between captcha providers and captcha breakers, providers come up with a new captcha type and captcha breakers soon find out a way to break it or work around it using various methods (like i explained in past posts using OCRs, Human solvers, etc.)

Well now the so called solution to Captcha is to not show a Captcha at all, the test is already running in the background since you access the page, monitoring cursor movements, and your overall interaction with the site, in case of any suspicion then website owners can request your password or even a two factor authentication.

This is one of the solutions being worked on, but not the only one. There is also Tapcha a captcha solution centered around mobile technologies, in which users are prompted to draw shapes on their cell phone screens depending on the test, for example tapping a series of areas of the screen to form a star shape etc.

There’s even a patent for a system in which the test is meant for the human to fail, the main concept is to present some basic logical questions meant to be pretty easy for machines, but a little more difficult for a human to solve.

The thing is, captcha is here to stay, there is always a need to tell machines and humans apart, and as AI technology becomes even more human, there are always some captcha systems that are going to be broken, sooner or later.